Hi, I am Chief Executive Officer at Beverly Jones-Durr Enterprises LLC.  I am Director and Founder of Every Child Has a Story in which Speech Crafters & The Writer's Vibe are our children programs. I am owner of My Life Mastery Secrets Academy, Gifted Genie Publishing and Gifted Genie Boutique.  I am a certified Life Mastery Strategist Coach, Artist, Motivational Speaker, published Author and Educational Facilitator. I am known as the Clarity Ninja and Mindset Shifter because I help women clear the fog, identify their bold and rock star visions and create the skills necessary to live the life they dream. I’m a member of the Global Education Conference Network, Connecting Educators and Organizations Worldwide, (GlobalEdCon),  International Association of Women Leaders (IWLA), Toastmasters International and the Women Speakers Association (WSA), International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches and Trainers (IMPACT) and the International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC).

Programs Description:

Every Child Has a Story 

The Writer's Vibe:

This writing program is our flagship program and is unique and custom-tailored depending on the age group and number of participants in which we are working.  Through positive thinking and creative expressive methods, children are inspired at all levels to be courageous writers thinking outside of the box to express themselves on paper in ways that are beneficial, elevating, and self-motivating. I believe every child has a story to tell and dreams to explore. The Writer's Vibe is the perfect place to do that. We have recently partnered with the United Way of Madison County. This is an amazing opportunity which allows us to offer our programs to an even broader audience.

Public Speaking Program (Speech Crafters Club):

This program is for children and young adults. It teaches members ages 8 and up the art of communication which is a critical tool for building confidence.  Speech Crafters Club is the only public speaking club for kids and teen in Alabama. Children and young adults are coached in speech writing and presentation. Building communication skills is necessary for everyone regardless of age. These rock solid skills enhance performance on the job, in school and throughout life. Want to know more? Click HERE.

My Life Mastery Secrets Academy:

Our premier academy is the go to place for developing and exercising skills you learn through our course materials that will enable you to master every aspect of your life. Our approach to mastering life courses is straight-forward, no smoking mirrors and personally tested. This is not your ordinary training program. The academy doors opened in January 2017 

Life Mastery Strategist: 

Life can be hard sometimes. Who hasn't felt like their life was one big merry-go-round?  I have and it doesn't feel good at all. I help clients in many ways through coaching. My coaching styles takes the form of personal sessions, workshops and webinars for women that encourage, empower and support you through the many peaks and valleys of everyday life. I help you to manage situations, set goals and develop strategies for achievement. Workshops are interactive and stimulating in which you are engaged emotionally and physically. Personal sessions are limited, but I offer a complimentary 30 minute discovery session to discuss your challenges and goals.

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