About Beverly Jones-Durr

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I am Beverly Jones-Durr. I am an author, writing coach, dream builder, self-esteem enhancer , artist and so much more.  My boutique “The Gifted Genie” is filled with my artwork, original gifts and a variety of hand made items suitable for every taste.  Check it out and see for yourself. www.giftedgenie.com   (VISA, MasterCard and PayPal is accepted)  Shipping is always FREE! … Read More

Action Required…The Next Steps

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  Words can be awesome. They either have meaning or they don’t. Some of my favorite words come from a book I read by Marianne Williamson…A quote by Nelson Mandela. It goes like this………. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most … Read More

My Story in The Huntsville Times

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This past summer, I was fortunate to fascilitate a Children’s Writing Workshop.  The workshop was sponsored by Village of Promise, a non-profit organization that supports the educational needs of University Place Elementary School in Huntsville AL.  It was an amazing journey for me and working with these budding young authors was a blessing.  The link below is the Huntsville Times … Read More

Guest Blog on Village of Promise Website

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I have always loved the smell of a bright new morning.  I grew up in Birmingham Alabama, where the summers were just hot. The sunlight would burst through the curtains momma made and wake me every morning.  In the air was the sweet smell of honeysuckle which grew underneath my window. Sometimes, when we were favored with a night breeze, … Read More


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I am aware that it does nothing to place a problem or a bunch of issues on the table if we are not provided tools in which to work on them.  People, me included seem to be a bit lost.  I never heard or learned this until I was an adult, but this is a good rule to know.  I … Read More


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 VISION is what every child needs.  It’s like air for the lungs.  It feeds a child’s spirit.  VISION, which is given to each of us by our creator is a powerful thing.  It is through VISION and the nourishment of the Word that a child can become all God wants them to be, do anything, dream larger than ever and is … Read More

Every Child Has A Voice Now Has A Blog

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Hello Everyone, It is really important to me that I open my mind to the whispers and guidance of the Lord.  I have been gifted many gifts in which to use to accomplish God’s goal.  My focus is on our children…all children who feel invisible in this world.  Children who can’t imagine thier future because they are struggling with thier … Read More