Clarity Tip of the Week

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  Everybody knows that without clarity and focus setting goals is a huge waste of time. And who has time to waste? People have talked about the super power of clarity many times, but not many folks fully understand the reach of that power. Today’s tip, if you do the work, will bring some clarity back into your life!  Let’s … Read More

Dreams + Distractions = Failure

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Have you ever baked a cake or prepared a special dish? If you have then you know what a recipe is for. Without a recipe…especially the right recipe your special dish can become a horrible failure. Well, we could use the same theory when it comes to life and imagining, developing and realizing one’s dreams.   Dreaming   We all … Read More

Focus! Focus! Focus!

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Focus! Focus! Focus!   Overloaded? Overwhelmed? Feel like you’re juggling too many projects and struggling to get anything finished? There just isn’t enough hours in the day? There’s just too much happening and it’s flat out exhausting? Perhaps it’s time to step back, assess your priorities and get focused. I’ve read that highly motivated entrepreneurs have a new idea every … Read More

Self Limiting Beliefs – Detox Time!

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It’s Time to Detox   No, I am not talking about a physical detox, although that wouldn’t be a bad idea.   I’m actually talking about detoxing your beliefs.   What? You didn’t know you could do that?  Detoxing your mind and beliefs is the key to successfully creating your get-up-and-go attitude and cultivating inner wellness that will navigate you toward happiness … Read More

Feeling Stuck?

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Feeling Stuck?   I’ve noticed something about women who come to see me complaining of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or are so confused they simply can’t focus or move forward. These are not average women. They are much more talented and much more ambitious than most. There is no shame in feeling stuck or overwhelmed in any aspect of your life. … Read More

The Faces of Fear

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      We all have been introduced to FEAR. We know what it looks like and we know how it makes us feel. However, have you ever wondered about the origins of fear?  I know this might sound a little odd, but have you?  I do.  Fear is always waiting to infect your thoughts and find a place to … Read More