The New Year is Coming: Need a Little Help?

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Are You Hiding Behind a Mask?   There’s something about the holidays and the end of the year that moves us into reflection… Reflection on our lives, relationships and career choices.  Now that the tinsel is ready to come down, the twinkle of holiday lights are fading…what are you reflecting on?  Have you gotten  used to the mask(s) you wear that … Read More

As We Enter the Holiday Season…..

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I was sitting here after a recent phone call in which I heard some sad news. It was not the news itself that got me thinking as much as it was that it involved my family. I write a lot of things on facebook that come from my heart and my mind after a conversation in the presence of my … Read More

4 Ways Women Can Regain Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence is a very handy tool.  Once it has been lost to you…it’s absence can wreak havoc on your life and relationships.  There are several ways one can loose self-confidence.  Self confidence is destroyed by negative self talk, incorrect interpretation of events, limiting beliefs about one’s self and incorrect thinking patterns. Many factors affect the development of self-confidence. Parents’ attitudes are crucial … Read More

9 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Success List

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    Suppose no matter what you do it feels like you will never be successful. Everybody’s a critic. Are you tired of people pointing out your failures? Maybe you are listening to the wrong people. You need a Success List! Here’s why. A success list: 1. Increases your self-esteem and self-confidence. 2. When you focus on your success it … Read More

Six Reasons To Use Life Coach Services

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So things aren’t exactly going the way you planned, huh?  Well, it happens to more people than you might think.  I know, when you are going through your “stuff” it feels like nobody really gets it and nobody really cares.   Sometimes you are just too deep into the “stuff” to see your way out of it.  How do you … Read More