Lessons Children Learn From Parents: Compassion

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Compassion What good is unlimited knowledge without compassion? Compassion is seeing yourself through the eyes of another, and caring for them as though you are personally involved in their situation. Compassion will help your child to reach out to those who need encouragement and love. When your child becomes an adult, their compassion will give them the ability to change … Read More

Are You Guarding Your Comfort Zone?

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 Life was never intended to be simple. Life has its own demands. Through the course of simply living, I know for sure that we are here to grow, develop, learn, fall, get up, cry, laugh, love, dance, rest, offer, know pain, endure change, share, reach out, reach down, teach, listen, be heard, sacrifice, be an example, nurture, forgive, respect, endure … Read More

Do You Forgive And Forget?

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  I want you to take a second and do something. You have to be open and honest with yourself… Maybe even brutally honest. Take some time and think about your life. Think about the people in your life. Relationships. Co-Workers. Family. Think about all of these people and ask yourself one question: Do I Need to Forgive Anyone For … Read More