Summer’s Ending: Now What?

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This post is #sponsored by PlumbTile, but all opinions are my own.     This has been a busy and exciting summer for me. I have facilitated my Speech Crafters public speaking workshops to over 100 children and young adults since the start of summer. Yeah! Talk about invigorating, this was all that and a bag of chips! I know that … Read More

Let’s Talk About Confidence

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      You want to have and experience confidence, just as much as anyone else does.  However, it is easy to trick yourself into believing that confidence is only for the elite and not something that everyone can achieve. What usually holds people back is that they believe the myths about confidence.  Here are six of the most common … Read More

Reconciliation and Forgiveness: What’s The Difference?

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  The Difference in Reconciliation and Forgiveness The act of forgiveness doesn’t always lead to reconciliation and vice versa. One isn’t necessarily dependent on the other. You can forgive without having any thoughts about restoring a relationship, and you can reconcile and “agree to disagree” without forgiving the other person. You may think that in certain cases (such as with … Read More

Why Is It So Difficult To Forgive?

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  Why Is It So Difficult to Forgive?   When someone we love and trusted has treated us with disdain the last thing on our minds at first is forgiveness. Our dreams have been shattered and we usually become angry and want revenge. Forgiveness isn’t on the horizon. If you’re infused with anger and resentment toward another person, your thoughts are … Read More

Forgiveness Can Restore Your Life

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  Feeling Anger and Resentment?     When something happens to you that turns your life upside down or inside out, it’s difficult to remember a time when you were happy and you greeted each day with enthusiasm and positivity. It’s especially difficult to overcome when you’ve been hurt by someone you love. You may perceive that holding on to … Read More

Coincidence or Synchronicity? Unlocking Your Secrets

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  Let’s Talk Coincidences and Synchronicity   Beyond the three-dimensional world of cause and effect, coincidences often referred to as synchronicities give us the experience of that which is beyond. These events are totally unrelated; however they align in special, unexpected and often unexplainable ways beyond what can be rationalized.  When people experience a coincidence they are often left in … Read More