How Productive Are You Really?

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Have you ever heard someone say that you should always LOOK busy when at work? Well, if you LOOK busy all the time the message you are attempting to convey to others is that you are highly productive. But are you really?

Trust me when I say that your boss isn't falling for that one. It is humanly impossible to look busy all the time! All the boss cares about is productivity. Wouldn't you rather be productive than just busy? Think of the stress always looking busy causes. You really don't have time for that...literally.

In the first installment of my 3 part audio series (on Sound Cloud) I am addressing productivity at anytime and providing you with actionable steps to become more productive. Now, that's the stuff that leads to success. Click HERE to listen.


Hold on! Don't go yet!

Here's another tool for your Life Mastery Tool Box!


It is estimated that 90% of us all procrastinate at some point. While those numbers are huge, more troubling is the fact that 20% of people may have a chronic procrastination problem. If you are one of these people, then you know how damaging a problem it can be. Want to learn how to win the battle over procrastination? Get your copy of my latest book titled "Stop Waiting - Winning The Procrastination Battle." So, stop waiting. Let's get this battle won so you can master your life!

Next time I'll share another Life Mastery Secret for your success tool box. Until then...get moving!


Beverly Jones-Durr is an Author, Dynamic Speaker, Certified Life Purpose Coach and Educational Facilitator. She is also known as the “Clarity Ninja and Mindset Shifter” because she teaches clients, consultants and other service professionals how to eliminate the fog, remove the clutter and shift their focus to their purposeful and intentional path so they can slay the Time Dragon and get stuff done. She is the creator of Sistahs Unlimited, a program that helps women to develop their authentic selves and create a positive and powerful mindset while creating action plans that are both attainable and measureable to ensure a healthy balance of work and life guilt-free.  Join the community of people just like you who are looking for ways to be more than busy, but productive too.  There are additional bonuses when you join.  Join NOW


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