Pick My Brain? Absolutely!

So, Want to Pick My Brain? – No problem!

I get asked that all the time.  I’m a service professional and it comes with the territory.  I welcome the opportunity to provide value to all my clients and the people I meet. However,  my energy is time and my time equates to value. Value costs. What is energy? Electricity is energy! It has energy and we pay for it.  Gas is energy. It has value and we definitely pay for that.  Please do not be offended, but my energy is time and my time is valuable. If the opportunities below doesn’t do it for you and you need more…it comes with a cost.  Just so we are clear…because I will always be clear.

 Here are 8 opportunities to get inside the mind of Beverly Jones-Durr Enterprises and gain access to my business, coaching and strategies to assist you in living your best life!

  1. Read my blog. I share valuable, purposeful and quantifiable advice, tips and strategies each week. Click HERE to access to my blog.

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  3. Purchase my books. I believe the best life lessons are those that challenge personal growth. My books offer insight and tools to enhance self-love, mindfulness, intentional living, fearlessness, living on purpose, thought leadership, self-esteem, confidence and clarity.  Click HERE to order a copy of one of my transformational take-action books.

  4. Become a Sistahs Unlimited VIP:  I would love for you to be a member of my community by joining the membership program. It’s a member’s ONLY site for women who want to develop their passion and purpose while increasing their influence, self-esteem and income. Be the first to learn to develop strategies that will create your sustainable legacy, discover your Personality Identifier, and receive coaching and mentoring to become the woman you’ve dreamed of becoming.  To request access to our private Facebook group Click HERE.

  5. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Watch my videos where I share tips and strategies on a variety of topics related to building your legacy, developing self-esteem and confidence and creating the change you desire to make in all aspects of your life. Click HERE.

  6. Come to one of my events. I’m frequently asked to speak at local and national events and host a few of my own. Come meet me in person, I would love to talk with you.

  7. Hire me to speak. I love speaking, inspiring and empowering women to step boldly into their greatness to show up, fearless and armed with knowledge and skills to create a blueprint for greatness! I’d love to speak at your next event, be an expert on your tele-conference or be a guest on your radio show. BOOK ME HERE.

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