Trust me. You didn’t land on this website by accident. You were supposed to be here. How do I know? Because I knew you were coming.  When people are tired of being tired…They look for me.  When your dreams no longer wake you up in the middle of the night….You look for me.  When the weight of everyone’s needs is so heavy you can’t attend to your own needs…You look for me.

Who Am I?  Honey, I am Bev Jones-Durr, The Legacy Builder!  I have a gift that enables women and a few men to find the authentic voice and speak it to the world. We have work to do, but sometimes what we don’t do is learn from our mistakes and failures. Mistakes and failures comes with every endeavor…ACCEPT IT!

Are you ready to get your work done? Are you ready to unpack your dreams and establish clear and strategic goals to realize your dreams?  Do you have something to say and are you ready to put words to your thoughts?  Perhaps we can work together.

Connect with me and let me hear your story.