9 Reasons Why You Need to Create a Success List




Suppose no matter what you do it feels like you will never be successful. Everybody’s a critic. Are you tired of people pointing out your failures? Maybe you are listening to the wrong people. You need a Success List! Here’s why.

A success list:

1. Increases your self-esteem and self-confidence.
2. When you focus on your success it encourages you when things get tough.
3. Gives you a sense of pride in yourself.
4. Guides you in the direction you want to or need to go.
5. Increases your positive thoughts about yourself.
6. Having your accomplishments fresh in your mind will make it easier to think and talk positively about YOU.
7. Focus on success reduces confusion, uncertainty, and increases clarity.
8. Focus on success gives you confidence to set better and higher goals.
9. When consistently practiced can help identify your qualities and skills.

Here’s something I know to be true! We don’t fail at everything. There are successes in everyone’s life. I’m guessing, you might just be overlooking yours.

Want to know how to measure your successes in life?

It starts with setting goals. When we set goals in any area of our life, it’s important to determine beforehand what our intended results are and how we will recognize it when we get there. In other words, what does meeting our goals look like. Establishing ahead of time what success looks and feels like gives us the opportunity to program our brain to create the experience of the exact feelings that success will bring.

Once we have a method in place to measure success and keep track of our progress it will be easier to stay motivated and focused. When you know where you are going (looking forward) and how much progress you have made (looking back) it creates anticipation and excitement. This positive energy helps you to take consistent action in the direction of your goals which multiplies your results. Action, anticipation and energy work hand-in-hand.

Here’s the best part! You get to decide how to measure your own success!

Everyone has their own definition of success in life and in business. It’s not your job to live up to someone else’s idea of success. Your accomplishments and successes belong to you! And you get to measure success by your own standard within your own terms.

You are the one who decides exactly what it means to be successful in every area of your life. The time to make that decision is during the goal setting process. Doing so will allow you to identify and celebrate each personal success along the way as it happens. We’ll talk about setting Goals and how important that is to your success later. But, for now, get started on that Success List and post it where you can see it daily. It will fire you up!

Beverly Jones-Durr