A Call To My Sistahs










Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense.  People who are suppose to love us don’t.  Parents who should be protecting us aren’t.  Sunny days suddenly changed into cloudy dark days.  It is natural to seek the answer to the question, “Why?”  Sometimes there is no answer that will suffice.  Here’s what I know to be true.  When there is no answer given to the question why…we turn to our own for guidance.

As a little girl I asked why and the answer was never sufficient to merit the darkness and pain I encountered.  I would have been lost were it not for the guidance I received from women who happened to be in my life.  These women were teachers, librarians, nurses, family as well as women in the bible.  There are some very strong women in the bible whose stories left me feeling hopeful and loved.  They still do.  It is important that our young Sistahs know they are not alone.  Who best to show a young women how to maneuver the rocky roads of life than her Sistahs?

Our young Sistahs need to know who they are…that they are created beautiful.  They are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made.  There is reason to be proud.  When strength fails them..we will be there.  When confusion clouds their minds…we will be there to show them the road to clarity.  When they stumble and fall….it will be their Sistahs who will give them a reason to stand and try again because we have all been there before.

Are you ready Sistahs to use your life lessons to become a vessel of love and understanding?  Build up our young Sistahs.  Please don’t turn away…don’t criticize them.  Some of our young Sistahs have only seen darkness.  They don’t know that only the light can chase the darkness away.  But, we know.  Let’s lead them to light so that they will know their beauty and their Creator.  Every Sistah needs to know that they were indeed Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!