My name is Bev Jones-Durr, Legacy Builder.  I am an Author, Mother, Grandma, Y’all Sayer, Life Strategist and Business Coach but, most important to me…Glorious Child of God.  I have been given lots to do and much to say, so you have been warned. (smile)  Actually, I hope you will come back often for information, enlightenment, encouragement and always truth.  I welcome comments, however please be respectful. 

Life skills are those tidbits that we inherit from family first, followed by friends and then our culture.  Some of us were not able to collect those tidbits because perhaps our parents were not filled with those tidbits either. You simply can not pass down (inherit) what you do not have.  

I build legacies!  That’s my gift from our Lord and Savior.  You might have a different gift, however if you do not know what it is…it’s not being used.  Within the knowledge and acceptance of your gift…Legacies are born.  Let me help you build your legacy.