Amazon Prime Day – July 12

Amazon Prime is just fantastic for everyone from moms and dads to college students and professionals, saving you not only money but more importantly, TIME! The biggest benefit of Amazon Prime is 2 day shipping which seems to be getting faster and faster every time I order something. Seriously! Seems like my order shows up on my doorstep the minute I hit purchase. When I first subscribed to Amazon Prime a few years back I was in school and ordering books like I had my very library to stock.  Seriously, books was all I ordered.  Getting those book orders quick and easy was what attracted me to Amazon Prime originally.  I still order books…because I love to read, but I order a little bit of everything.  Amazon sells everything and having Prime just means it gets here that much faster!  Besides the amazingly quick delivery, there are a ton of Prime benefits most of which I don’t even use to their full potential. Want a quick look at all the benefits of an Amazon Prime Membership?  Check the link below!





Happy Amazon Prime Day July 12 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Start Free 30-Day Trial



The two Prime benefits I use the most is the free 2 day shipping and Prime Photos.   Real quick, the Amazon Photos app is amazing as you get UNLIMITED (did I mention UNLIMITED) photo storage for all your photos and videos. That’s right! You can also turn on the auto uploader so that you are always backing up your photos and videos to the app. You can now easily create albums and share or re-download the files. This benefit alone is worth the annual subscription to Amazon Prime. I’ve used Amazon Video too. I love movies that are easy access plus it’s a nice addition to my Netflix. But to be honest, I really am in love with  Amazon Prime shipping and having recently discovered Amazon Prime Photos, I’m in heaven. And if that isn’t enough, once a year Amazon has Amazon Prime Day which happens to be Tuesday (July 12th) in which they offer exclusives to Prime members. Trust me when I say, Amazon Prime will save you time and money on whatever you are ordering and what’s not to love about that?
















Amazon Prime Day – Fire Tablet Lowest Price Ever, Just $33.33




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Amazon Prime Day – $15 Off Fire TV Stick



Remember!  Amazon Prime membership is a great program packed with even greater benefits. Trust me…you’re gonna truly enjoy the experience.  Don’t miss out on Prime Day!  July 12th only! It’s gonna be epic!





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