Are You Asking The Right Questions?



Does this sound familiar?  You push yourselves into confusion and despair…and as a result you’re left with the difficult task of figuring a way out of the hot mess you’ve created.  I know it resonated with me.  I am just being honest.  Want to know why?  It’s because we’re asking ourselves the wrong questions.

The reason you’re not achieving your goals, don’t feel fulfilled and aren’t living your best life is because you haven’t asked yourself the right question.  That’s right, YOU!  There’s nobody else to ask that could answer truthfully better than you.

What are the right questions?  I’m glad you asked!





What motivates you in life right now?


Why do you get up in the morning? What is worth getting out of bed for? Is it the coffee?  Is it your family? Is it because you truly love your job? Is it your friendships?  What is that thing that makes life worth living for you TODAY?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you are probably finding it pretty hard to get up and going. Here’s another question that might shine some light.  What are you grateful for at this moment? It’s easy to focus on things that are going wrong, but what’s going right? What are you grateful for?




 What is preventing you from reaching this goal?



Assuming you set your goals do you know where you want to be in 30 days?  90 days? 1 year from now? What is keeping you from successfully reaching your goals? If you’re like me, you’ve probably set similar goals before…and you didn’t reach them. You might have become frustrated and set the same goal again.  It’s a pattern we often lose sight of.   What is it that’s keeping you from reaching that goal?  What can you eliminate in your life to help you reach your goal this time?



What are you tolerating today in either your business or personal life?


Goal setting is valuable, and you should do it in every area of life.  This includes anything you “put up with,” things that deplete your energy, as well all those compromises you’ve talked yourself into. Are you surrounded by drama?  There are only two motivations in life…pain and pleasure. What are you moving towards?  If you answered pleasure…does it feel like it?  What is causing pain in your life right now?  If you came up with an answer quickly chances are you are moving towards pain.  Stop Right There!

Make a list! Then develop a simple plan for eliminating each thing you’re tolerating from your life.   Do this right now!



What are you willing to do in the next 30 days?


What’s your plan? Life has taught me that creating a plan before finding out what my clients are willing to do is a train wreck.  If you are not clear on what you are willing to do…you aren’t ready to work with me.  I am not trying to sell you my a step-by-step system of success if you’re not willing to do 50% of the steps? It won’t work. Could you imagine baking a cake by only following 50% of the recipe’s instructions? You’ll have a hot mess…not a cake.

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, nothing will change. What actions are you willing to take over the next 30 days to reach your goal?

I understand you may not be very good at creating clarity yet. You might even be very good at creating confusion and uncertainty for yourself… and have a long track record to prove it. That’s okay for now. I can help you learn to use the tools of clarity. I suggest that your first step be to take advantage of my 30 Days to Clarity Course.  This course, valued at $337 is offered FREE for a limited time and includes the following:

– An online Personality Identifier (PI) test to discover your authentic self. ($97 value)

– A detailed Personality Identifier Report explaining what your PI means as it relates to the choices you make, the skills you have and even the career fields you are most suited. ($115 value)

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If you take the steps, you will:




– Develop skills to avoid and resolve conflicts

– Identify your individual strengths

– Discover how to work effectively

– Authenticate career development

– Create communication strategies

– Understand how you make choices

– Develop productive goal setting skills and set measures

– Develop emotional intelligence

– Develop strong decision making skills

– Discover your passion




Let’s be clear. No one can help you until you are clear about who you are, what you want, and when you want it.  This is the ultimate first step that can ignite your clarity super power and help you determine your purpose in life.  When you realize and accept that your current degree of clarity needs to improve, then you simply have to make some changes.

If you want more clarity, then it’s time to join the Sistahs Unlimited VIP Community.  Joining automatically adds you to the 30 Days to Clarity course roster.  Check out to see the other perks your VIP membership offers. Treat yourself to clarity and take that first to living your best life!


Beverly Jones-Durr is known as the “Clarity Coach” because she teaches clients, consultants and other service professionals how to eliminate the fog, remove the clutter and focus on their purposeful and intentional path. She is the creator of Sistahs Unlimited, a program that teaches women how to develop their authentic selves and create action plans that are both attainable and measureable. Become a VIP today and learn how to live your best life! You can also follow Beverly on TwitterFaceBook and YouTube.