As We Enter the Holiday Season…..

I was sitting here after a recent phone call in which I heard some sad news. It was not the news itself that got me thinking as much as it was that it involved my family. I write a lot of things on facebook that come from my heart and my mind after a conversation in the presence of my Father. Seeking His face and being in His presence feeds my soul, nurtures my spirit and provides balance in this stress-filled world we live in. I read this quote by Edward R. Murrow “The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.” It is along those lines that I draft this post.





As we enter into the holiday season..Thanksgiving and Christmas, it reminds me of past holidays. You might not know this of me, but these two holidays used to be my most dreaded. The trueness of the season eventually illuminated the pretense and artificial behaviors of people in my circle. Since it is my circle, I have to take full responsibilty for the people in it. Whether invited, born into, married into, work with, live next door to….they were there because I granted access. Everybody contributed fruit in this circle…just not all of it was good fruit. Some brought, jealousy, lies, deceit, while other brought love, respect, compassion. Some provided gifts of a stab in the back while others were there to nurse the wound. Ok, that was the obscure part…eventually I opened my eyes and ears to see and hear the Word.



My Father always shows me things. He has done so consistently since I was a child…I think as young as 4 or 5 years old. No, I don’t know the future. It ain’t like that. Just, when I am close to Him and I open my heart to hear…He speaks to me. One night while I was asleep…or at least I thought I was..I heard a whisper say…”Why do you need all these people?” Every night for a week…I heard the whisper…”Why do you need all these people?” Have you ever tried to avoid doing something you didn’t want to do? Well, that was my plan until my Father shook the bed! He shook the bed and woke me up. I sat up in the bed…fully awake…and the bed was still shaking! My God, I cried! What is going on??? And He said: “WHY DO YOU NEED ALL THESE PEOPLE?” I got out of that bed, stared at my still sleeping husband and wondered if I was tripping. I might have convinced myself had I not touched the bed and could feel it vibrating. Let me tell you something…my momma said don’t play with the Lord. I stop playing! I realized that my fear of being alone during the holidays lead me to increase my circle with warm bodies. There were no prerequisites… just increase the numbers. As I have grown wiser (I hope) I have learned to pick my circle members based on the fruits they provide. I mean, who really needs to be stabbed in the back everyday? I’m just saying!

So, what obvious thing(s) are you avoiding? Don’t let the Father shake you out of bed in the middle of the night before you figure this one out! Is it the circle you’ve created? Are you holding on to so many bags filled with issues, hurts, drama and crap that you can’t afford to fly?? Are you afraid to admit you are not perfect? Perhaps your fruit isn’t all that good….rotten even. Is your pride preventing you from apologizing, to your mother, brother, sister, children, even your spouse! Are you a liar to yourself and to others? Do you care more about how people see you that how God knows you. Are you artificial? Can you handle the truth?


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Realizing and accepting the obvious takes longer because the truth isn’t always good to hear but it is good for us. I tried to ignore my obvious and couldn’t. You might even think you’re doing a great job of ignoring your obvious…but how is your health? After awhile all bad fruit rottens and when it does the smell will rock you out of a sound sleep!

Get it together family…I know it takes time. May I remind you family….Time waits for no one….Tick-Tick-Tick….what’s your obvious?  

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