Balancing Act

It’s a Balancing Act….

This is a little something I decided to use whenever the devil and his folks try to upset my balance and basically start getting on my last nerve. I know it’s hard to display self-control when it FEELS like someone else does things out of our control and yanks our emotions into a bad place. So, here’s one little tidbit I’m learning. When someone else’s actions or statements threaten to pull me into a bad place, I have a choice. It may FEEL like I don’t have one, but I always do. It may FEEL like I have to react according to my FEELINGS, but I don’t. I have a choice. This is my choice….. Listen up now. “At this moment I’m choosing to be self-controlled and alert. Your actions are begging me to yell and lose control. But, I realize I have an enemy and that enemy is not you. The devil is prowling and roaring and looking to devour me through my own lack of control right now. But, I am God’s girl. That’s right! I am! So, I am going to humbly and quietly let God have His way in me right now. And when I do this, God will lift me and my frayed nerves up from this situation and fill me with a much better reaction than what I can give you right now. So, give me just a few minutes and then we’ll calmly talk about this.” Sistahs, now that’s some power right there! I’m God’s Girl! Since you are my Sistahs…guess that makes us all God’s Girls!