Coincidence or Synchronicity? Unlocking Your Secrets

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Let’s Talk Coincidences and Synchronicity


Beyond the three-dimensional world of cause and effect, coincidences often referred to as synchronicities give us the experience of that which is beyond. These events are totally unrelated; however they align in special, unexpected and often unexplainable ways beyond what can be rationalized.  When people experience a coincidence they are often left in awe, recognizing that this is no “mere” coincidence…some greater meaning or purpose is behind the seemingly random alignment.  Looking back on your life you might recall some of those events and wonder how they came to be through “coincidental” ways.





Let’s think on this…


Have you ever had a friend tell you about a new book they’re reading and then you accidently knock a book off the shelf at the store the next day only to realize it’s the same book your friend recommended the day before?  That’s happened to me a couple of times.  How about you’ve been thumbing through a photo album and saw a picture of an old friend and then received a phone call from that friend that same day?  If you can say yes to the two examples I’ve shared then you my friend have experienced this phenomenon of synchronicity!


The term synchronicity was first used by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung who saw coincidental occurrences as a phenomenon of a different world order.  Synchronicity was one of Jung’s most profound and least understood discoveries in part because it can’t be fully appreciated until we personally step into and experience synchronicity for ourselves.   The experience is so literally mind blowing that Jung contemplated this phenomenon for over twenty years before he published his thoughts on it.





Unlocking the secrets…


So, why am I telling you all of this?  I’m telling you this because synchronicity can hold the secrets that unlock the mystery of our ultimate purpose in life.  When you look back over your life, you may find that synchronistic occurrences have played a big role in where you are today.  How, you ask?  Often we have experienced unexpected events that are pivotal. Whether we view them as positive or negative, these life-changing experiences are almost always synchronistic.  Consider major decisions, events or changes that occurred in your life.  Were any of them unexpected changes or displayed any coincidence that influenced your decision?

Here’s an example to consider.  In the 1980’s Mary Lee tried convincing her professors to let her create her own “holistic medicine” degree and was told that there is no future in holistic medicine. (Really?) Today she is the founder of Earth Tribe, a successful essential oil company and she is living in alignment with her true purpose.  Mary Lee experienced four major life events that led to her purpose.

  1. As a child her mother and grandmother used medicines from the earth.

  2. She experienced a gas fire and received second degree burns all over her body and face which she healed using essential oil of lavender.

  3. She had twin boys and used essential oils during pregnancy, inspiring her to want to share this unknown modality with other pregnant women.

  4. She wrote about essential oils in Women’s Day magazine and received hundreds of letters from women wanting to know more.  Her husband told her that she should start a business, because if you just sit in your room no one will hear your message.  And so she did!





Let’s see if we can unlock your secrets.  Here’s a quick exercise for you:


Take 15 minutes to reflect on your life.  Were there any particular coincidences or signs connected with getting your current living space such as house numbers, encounters with neighbors, delays, mix ups, street names?  What about your current job?  How did you get this job? How did you find out about the opportunity? Who did you talk to? And let’s not forget about relationships.   How did you meet that important person in your life? What led up to your being in that particular place at that particular time? Make a list.

Meaning evolves along every step of our path if we remain open to the subtle guidance that is eternally being offered.  Synchronicities are reminders to experience the joy in daily life and our confirmation that we are on the journey of our greatest purpose.  Be alert with wonder.  You never know where your next inspiration is coming from.


What synchronicity moments did you discover?  You can continue the discussion over in my Sistahs Unlimited Facebook page.  Click HERE and I’ll join you there. I look forward to hearing your results.


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