D.I.V.A Business

Oh sweet sisters, women judging other women must absolutely break God’s heart. The crazy thing is when we judge others, we elevate ourselves past the ability to recognize our own propensity to sin in the very area we are criticizing. Show me a woman who is leveling a judgment against another person, and I will show you a woman who is wrapped in sin herself. If it’s not the very same sin she’s criticizing, it will be a sin just as dangerous – pride. Y’all know we can do better than this. Sisters…we are in special place in our grown-up lives. A place where by our example, we provide the foundation for our younger sisters to build upon. I am so sick and tired of hearing how our younger sisters have low self esteem, false images of who they are. For those of us who have allowed God to mold us like virgin clay, into the divine, inspirational, virtuous and annointed (DIVA) women we are, that is unacceptable. He made us to be better than that….don’t let your guard down. Show those who have a ways to go…how a DIVA walks, talks, leads, learns, challenges, understands, nurtures, loves, defends and teaches those who are open to hear and apply God’s knowledge. We have an important role to play DIVAs…If each of us commits to just one younger sister…imagine the change that’s on our horizon! How do you find her? DIVA, she will find you…just be ready.