Dreams + Distractions = Failure


Have you ever baked a cake or prepared a special dish? If you have then you know what a recipe is for. Without a recipe…especially the right recipe your special dish can become a horrible failure. Well, we could use the same theory when it comes to life and imagining, developing and realizing one’s dreams.





We all dream. It’s a natural thing. Even animals, according to scientist dream. Right now…this very moment I am not talking about the type of dreams that comes when you sleep. Not even the dreams that you sit and ponder about on quiet days. The dreams I am referring to are those that push, pull, nag and hound us until we finally give it our focused attention. Think about it. Have you ever been caught off guard by a burning thought or desire to accomplish something…share something…be something? When a dream reaches out to us…it first comes softly…like a whisper or a gentle thought. Some people act on that stimulation immediately. Others, including myself, might just need a wall to fall on top of them to notice. Let’s talk about distractions.



Distractions most times are people.


These are people in our lives we look up to and seek approval from. Be careful, these people may not understand the reasoning or purpose of your dreams. Asking for their approval might result in dream dissection! They might pick it apart piece by piece until all you have left are broken fragments of what might have been. Sometimes, distractions are self- imposed. Yes, we often sabotage ourselves because we have bought into the message that we are not enough or capable. Perhaps we believe the dream is just too big or that we are not properly prepared or equipped to be responsible for it. None of that is true!


It’s Simple


I bet you are wondering how I can possibly be so sure. It’s quite simple. I believe that those types of dreams…the pulling, pushing and nagging dreams come from God. They are our special assignments gifted to us by the Creator of all things. The nagging question… What do I do with it?  Succeed! I know you can do it because God knows you can…or He would not have gifted the dreams to you. Another reason I know you can do this is because the dreams came to you. You did not choose them…They chose You!


Center Stage


I have often been asked why I do what I do. Truth is…I did lots of things before becoming an author, artist, speaker and life purpose coach. Probably like you…I ignored those pushing, nagging, insistent dreams for quite some time. The wall that fell on me was a stroke! While recovering, I awakened one morning and realized that I was off track. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled by my profession. I was very successful but for me…it was just a J-O-B, nothing more than that. For the first time…I allowed those dreams to take center stage in my conscientiousness. I knew right away that I was on the threshold of a huge shift! I gave my dreams my focused attention!




Sometimes we need to Shift


Living life in one gear is not only boring…it’s stifling! A shift takes changing your mindset and jumping fearlessly forward onto a floating platform. Your platform must always be prepared for the direction to change. It’s about getting uncomfortable…stepping outside your comfort zone…daring to enter the arena and fight for greatness and the realization of your God gifted dreams! You’ll need courage for this…so strap it on. You will also need to fine tune your knowledge and your skills. You must rely on the tools you have gathered on your life’s journey. Inventory your life tool box. Is it empty? Hope not…because we gather those tools from the lessons we experience, conquer and learn from living. Some are good and beneficial while others are painful and difficult. Either way they teach us something. Your responsibility is to figure that out and gather the required tool(s) to continue forward.




Don’t let your Dreams Die


Dreams are important. God gave them to you. Don’t chicken out and settle for the easy route. But if you do, trust me…you won’t be the first. The easy route is crowded with people who chickened out…too afraid to believe in themselves. Dissected by distractions, people who you have given permission to determine your worth and capabilities. Cemeteries are full of dreams unfulfilled, songs never written and lives never fully lived. Remember, you must be determined to succeed… or you won’t. You must decide for yourself whether those nagging dreams are to be  ignored or given your focused attention at center stage. You must know in your heart and mind that when God gifts dreams to you…inside the wrapping of those gifts is everything you need to make them come true!

I have one question for you. ARE YOU DETERMINED NOW? If not, you need to read this again.  Seriously…start at the top!



Beverly Jones-Durr is known as the “Clarity Coach” because she teaches clients, consultants and other service professionals how to eliminate the fog, remove the clutter and focus on their purposeful and intentional path. She is the creator of Sistahs Unlimited, a program that teaches women how to develop their authentic selves and create action plans that are both attainable and measureable. Become a VIP today and learn how to live your best life! You can also follow Beverly on Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube.