Happy New Year!



Here’s to each and every one of you who read my posts, purchased my books, shopped Gifted Genie Boutique and attended my speaking events…..I thank you.  From My Sistahs Are Doing It empowerment series to the new authors and speakers who participated in my Every Child Has a Story workshops…I thank you.  To the Shero- Entreprenuers and Dynamic Visionaries who have partnered, coached, networked and collaborated with me…I thank you.


This has been an amazingly blessed year and thanks to God we experienced it together. I am grateful for every single person and every single second of this journey through the valleys and peaks.  I look forward to continuing this journey and sharing with you.  There are so much more awesomeness coming in 2015.  I’m ready to ROCK 2015.  Let’s do it together!  As always, if you need my help….just Hollah!