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It’s official: the holidays are here. No matter what you’re celebrating, chances are you feel some pressure to do a bit of decorating and give some gifts. Rather than head to the big box store for impersonal gifts and decorations, why not try out some homemade alternatives this year? And while you’re at it, get the family involved in cooking some very easy and tasty sweets this holiday season.

Gifts and decor you make yourself are often less expensive and always have much more heart than something you picked up at the mall. You do not have to be the crafty type to create beautiful homemade gifts and decor for your holiday home. And you don’t need to be a “Top Chef” to create fabulous, mouth-watering easy treats with the family.

Homemade vs Store Bought

I know, when you think of homemade gifts you picture tea cozies and those infamously horrible Christmas sweaters. Homemade actually don’t have to be that intricate or that corny.  I have always enjoyed family time, especially during the holidays. I have a huge family. We all live in different locations across the globe, but every Thanksgiving or Christmas we gather in one place…usually my house and the family fun begins. We craft, we decorate, we cook together and we create Forever Memories. Sure we could get everything from a store, but holidays are about bringing people together, showing love and having fun! There’s nothing better than family fun!

And Then It Hit Me!

I can create a holiday ebook filled with lots of my family’s favorite crafts, stuffed with super easy recipes and tons of fun for you and your family! I can help you create your Forever Memories too!


Home for the Holidays -Family Friendly Crafts & Recipes 




This colorful comprehensive 84 page ebook covers various holiday crafts providing instructions and supply lists. The recipes are the ones my family have labeled their favorites. No need to fight the crowds. There’s even a link for supplies. Order them online from Bev’s Amazon Store and have them delivered …right to your door!

Simple Crafting and Easy Cooking



“I have always wanted to create personal crafts to give as gifts to my kids and family. Now I know how, thanks to Home For the Holidays – Family Friendly Crafts & Recipes! It’s a lot easier than I thought!”

Rachel Evans-Miller, Nevada




Why Homemade?

#1 They Are One of a Kind


Anything you make is one of a kind. No two creations will ever be the same as one another, and this gives each piece special meaning. Even if you make candles for gifts, the scents and colors will be unique: You’ll never make them the same again.



#2 They Are Personal


If you’ve ever had to look everywhere for the perfect gift for a picky person, you’ll understand the significance of a homemade gift being personal for the person who will be receiving it. When you choose to make your holiday gifts and decor rather than purchasing them, you can choose colors (or fragrances or flavors) you know your loved ones will appreciate and enjoy.


#3 They Are Crafted with Love


A gift should show the person receiving it that the giver has thought about them and that the giver knows them well enough to find something that suits their personality and their hobbies perfectly. In short, a gift is an expression of love from one person to another. When you choose to give a homemade gift to somebody important to you, you’re sending them the message that they were worth the time that you spent in creating that gift. Your homemade holiday decor is infused with the love of the hands that made it for the pleasure and delight of your family.


#4 They Are Fun to Make!

For those people who enjoy crafts, homemade gifts are great fun to make! There is, perhaps, no better reason to make your gifts by hand than the pure and unadulterated pleasure in the creative process. If you’re a creative person, making gifts for your loved ones should be fun from the planning through to the finishing and the wrapping. But you don’t have to be creative to successfully create a special homemade gift. I have taken all the guess work off the table. Just have Fun! What better reason is there to give homemade gifts than the fact that you enjoy creating them?


#5 They May Save Money

While it is certainly true that in some cases homemade gifts cost more money than the store bought versions of the same item (woolen sweaters are an excellent example of this!), in some cases making your gifts may save money. Candles, for example, may save money over the pricey store-bought alternatives. Homemade holiday decor becomes a family keepsake ready to share, enjoy and use time and again.


“We have never baked, but the recipes in

Home For The Holidays – Family Friendly Crafts & Recipes were simple and easy to follow. We surprised ourselves! Our family loves it!”

Caren and T.C. Blairston, Douglasville GA

Bonus Section Included

Moms know! Crafting with the kids is so much fun, but crafting with toddlers can be a little tricky. Don’t worry! It’s not impossible. I have included a special bonus section for toddler crafting! I’ve given you some of my tried and true crafts. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or complete newbie, you will have the complete ins and outs of each project and soon you and your little toddler will be crafting like professionals!

There’s another secret bonus….

It’s my special gift to you and your family.  But it’s a secret…shhh!



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