Identifying Talents and Skills


Talents and Skills


All of us have a magnitude of talents and skills, but that does not mean that we are supposed to use them all to follow our purpose.  In fact, just because we are good at something does not mean that we have to do it or that it will bring us joy.  For example, I may be good at data entry (truly I am not) but does that mean that it is part of my purpose? Well, it would depend on whether it made me feel alive while entering all that data and filled me up with joy!  Clearly for me that is not the case.  But there is more to purpose than joy.  Maybe that skill was or will be useful at some point that will help me along my journey as a path finder or stepping stone to my purpose.



Natural talents and skills


At the same time there may be things you are good at that you enjoy that are not part of your greater purpose…they may be just something that you enjoy, and that’s okay.  Sometimes when we have a talent or skill that we fail to notice because it seems so normal to us, we do not see that for others it doesn’t come as natural.  Let’s pretend we are having a conversation with a friend and the person had an amazing talent for bringing people together.   It seemed that when they wanted to do something at the last minute they would reach out and would have over forty people joining them.  After we talked to them, they remembered that since they were young they liked doing things in groups and how it came naturally to reach out to people and coordinate things to make it happen.  However, they never considered that it was a talent. Through further reflection they were able to see power within this ability and realized they could follow their passion and purpose of bringing people together and at the same monetize it.




What are my talents?


Here’s something I’d like you to try.  Reflect on your talents and skill and dig deep into what truly comes natural to you.  You may solicit help from friends and family because chances are they may be able to point out things you might not have realized before. You could survey your friends and family even coworkers by asking them for least three things that they consider to be your talents or skills, whether big or small.  Let them know that even if it is something that they think you already know, that you would appreciate the confirmation via feedback. This is important because people are often reluctant to say things that may seem obvious to them but they may not be so obvious to you.  Please note: Only ask those people who are truly supportive of you.  No sense in bothering people who already have displayed disloyalty or have been non supportive or critical of you in the past.





Make a list and title it “What do you do that appears effortless?”  Fill the blanks:

  1. I shine when:_____________

  2. I keep being drawn to:_____________

  3. Others tell me I’m good at:________________

  4. My unique skills are:________________________

  5. The skills have I determined to be more useful than anticipated are:_______________________

  6. The talents that come easy for me that others might find difficult are:______________________

This exercise is intended to help you excavate some pretty specific answers for you.  These answers will lead you to the right path and place you in position to determine your purpose.  Once completed, share with me your findings by answering the following question:

What did you discover about yourself that you didn’t’ know before?  You can continue the discussion over in my Facebook group.  Click HERE and I’ll join you there. I look forward to hearing your results.


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