Kids Say the Most Amazing Things!


When our grandson Benjamin was four-years-old he hung out with his grandpa Harry and me during Thanksgiving.  We had traveled the 9 hour drive from Madison Alabama to Newport News Virginia. While there with family, Ben asked me where were my parents? I was a little surprised by the question, but I replied, “They are in heaven with God. Do you know God?” He answered no, so I proceeded to share with him the wonderful story of God and Jesus and the gift He gave us. Ben listened intensely lying on the bed with his little hands cupping his cheeks as I shared the Word with him.  Later that night, Ben came to me and asked. “Grandma, does God do monsters?” (You just got to love him). “Yes, Ben, God definitely does everything . . . what’s up?” I asked. “Well, guess what! I think there’s a monster under the bed,” replied Ben. The look on his face convinced me he was serious. “Let’s go ask God for help,” I said.


We went to the room we shared with Ben, and I placed two pillows on the floor.  As I kneeled to pray, Ben said, “Grandma, you talk to God, ’cause I don’t think he knows me.” I agreed and as Ben kneeled beside me, I asked him to close his eyes and place his hands together. I begin to say a prayer, introducing Ben to God and God to Ben. I also asked God to remove the monsters from Ben’s room and keep them outside where monsters are supposed to be. I glanced over at Ben. He had his eyes closed and his little hands clasped so tightly. I leaned over and whispered, “say Amen.” After we both said Amen I told Ben we could stand up.  Ben opened his eyes, stood up and looked around the room. With a big smile he yelled, “I think He did it Grandma! The monster is gone! Grandma, God Rocks!


Kids really do say the most amazing things.