Lessons Children Learn From Parents – Determination, Tolerance & Self-Acceptance



Determination is the quality of sticking to one’s purpose even when it becomes difficult. It is a quality that will help your child to continue with the task at hand, whether it be in school or learning one of many things as they grow. Determination will help your child succeed when they are taking the steps to accomplish a big task.




Determination is a quality that will help your child as an adult to succeed when others all around them are failing. When things get tough, the individual who has determination will surpass all others in their field.


Teach determination to your children by encouraging them when they fail, and by motivating them to keep going. It is easier to be determined when you have a cheerleader by your side, reminding you of your strong points and telling you that you can do it. Be that cheerleader for your child.





Tolerance is such an important quality for each and every person. It is being kind to others and accepting their differences. Because we are all unique, a part of every relationship is tolerance. If you can point this out to your child, he will have an easier time learning the value of it. Being tolerant as a child will make it easier for your child to make friends, and it will make him a better friend. As an adult it will open doors in both the work and personal arenas. Being tolerant builds self-esteem in others, which comes back indirectly to you as a better world emerges for everyone.


You can teach tolerance to your child by being accepting of the differences you see in others, and verbalizing this to your child as the opportunity arises. Tolerance is a beautiful thing because it shows concern and empathy for everyone. It also builds a caring nature in the individual who practices it.





Another branch of tolerance is self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is loving and valuing yourself, and treating yourself with care and compassion. It is imperative that an individual accepts themselves in order to be at harmony with themselves and the world around them.


Compassion helps children form their world view with love towards themselves, which is the basis to seeing value both in themselves and others. As an adult, self-acceptance will give an individual the drive to keep on going even when things get tough, and to never give up on themselves.

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You can help form your child’s self-acceptance even as a newborn, by answering their cries immediately, and comforting them instead of leaving them alone. This builds self-esteem and self-acceptance in the baby because they learn that they are inherently valuable and worthy of being cared for. As your child grows, always give them your time, and make eye contact when they are speaking with you. Speak gently, never harshly to your child.










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