Lessons Children Learn from Parents – Raising a Teachable Child



One of the greatest hindrances to any individual’s personal growth is a lack of being teachable. Being teachable ensures that we are always willing to learn, and that we are open to advice. Learning this quality as a young child will help them learn how to facilitate their own personal growth and changes that will undoubtedly occur. As an adult, this openness will draw the assistance of others who are willing to share what they have learned.




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So what exactly is teachable and what are the characteristics we want to achieve?



  • You’re aware of the limitations of your own knowledge and abilities.
  • You admit limitation, inability, and ignorance to others who can teach and help.
  • You regularly ask for help, instruction, guidance, and advice (before the event, not after disaster strikes).
  • You learn from anyone and everyone you can (the best educator I know writes notes for his own benefit even when listening to a less experienced educator).
  • You listen to others carefully and patiently with a desire to learn from everyone.
  • You’re prepared to move out of your comfort zone, try something different, make mistakes, look stupid, answer wrongly, etc.
  • You don’t give up when you fail at something, but seek help, and try again and again until you get it right.
  • You’re willing to change your views and practices when convincing evidence is presented to you, even if it means admitting you were wrong.






There’s another word for teachable…Humility.

Parents can help their children become teachable by talking about why it is important to learn from others. Discuss how it is a privilege to receive advice. Talk to your child about how there will be times when they do not appreciate the tone the advice is given in, or other factors such as the individual delivering the advice. Despite how difficult it can be to receive correction from someone, talk about how we can each make it our goal to take away at least one beneficial thing from every conversation.

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Nothing stays the same. And in case you haven’t noticed, this especially applies to children! Changes in children’s behavior and life in general vary from one developmental stage to another. Whatever the change, it often creates emotional stress for child and parent alike. But change in and of itself isn’t necessarily bad — or even hard on children. In fact, if your child is teachable change can be deemed interesting. And it exposes children to broader experiences and encourages new skills and abilities. A teachable child who becomes a teachable adult is a success indeed.


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