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Doin’ Life with Bev…

So things aren’t exactly going Coach Beverly Jones-Durrthe way you want, huh?

Well, it happens to more people than you might think.  I know it feels like nobody really gets it and that nobody really cares but sometimes you are just so deep into the “stuff” you can’t see your way out of it.

How do you know when it’s time to ask for help?

You need help when…

  • Your confidence is not where you want it to be.
  • You lack a clear vision… or your vision is so big you’reoverwhelmed.
  • Your patterns are not supporting your goals.
  • You’re irritable.
  • You’re in a huge transition.
  • You’re craving more purpose.

Do you need help with any of these things?

We all need a little help getting unstuck from time to time. And, the fact that you are reading this page right now, is a sign that your time is NOW.

So, do you need a shrink or a coach?

You’re probably thinking, I might just need a shrink! Let’s see shall we?

There is a big difference  between a coach and a psychologist… a psychologist focuses on navigating your past to heal, while a coach’s primary focus is on your future.

Coaches often use therapy tools, but their intention is always to mirror a mindset shift to achieve determined goals.

A coach will help you understand that you are fully capable of enjoying happiness, success and your life.

A coach will help you get clear and make the greatness that already lives inside of you happen faster.

 I’m that coach!

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