Y’all know when I find something good I share…well this is worthy of a stand-alone page of its own! Okay, let me explain…

As I continue to strengthen the foundation for my business I have been fortunate to come across some amazing people. One person in particular is Nicole “Scoprah” Walters. If you haven’t heard of her….let me break it down a bit. I made the choice to enroll in Nicole’s “1K in 1Day” 4 week academy. It is so intense that there was 3 weeks of pre-work required before we started the training. You don’t understand…before it even started we had homework!  She is generously working closely with us to show us how to monetize our businesses and lifestyles on an individual basis. She only accepted 200 people and it sold out in 4 minutes!  If you want to catch her live streaming broadcasts, follow @napturalnicole over on Periscope because that’s where she gives out tons of free tips and guidance! That’s how she got her tag name, “Scoprah”!

Nicole has been a beauty blogger for a little over four years part time, but recently she quit her six figure full time corporate job! Why? Because after applying what she learned in corporate America…to her personal business, she quickly realized that she was earning just as much by being her own boss! Now that’s an eye-opener!  She’s now teaching other striving entreprenuers to do what she does and if you want…she can also help you develop your exit plan from that JOB!

Nicole taught me how to set up my Amazon Store and promote it! I watched several of her information filled webinars to learn exactly what to do step-by-step. That’s right! She provided tangible, measurable, quantifiable tips that I highly recommend if you want to start monetizing your life! It’s simple to set up and you could start earning passive income to use however you decide. Rich is a dream we aim to achieve, however rich is only having one stream of income. I want to be wealthy…which is having multiple streams of passive income. That’s also called earning money while you sleep! Here’s your first step!

Check out Monetize Your Life with Nicole Walters and start having fun adding all of your favorite things to YOUR Amazon Store! You can visit my Amazon store by clicking here or on the “Gifted Genie” graphic on the home page. No, I am not tech-savvy and you don’t need to be either. I learned all this from watching the webinars!


People are always asking me “Where’d you get that _________?” If you really know me then you know I love coffee and my special coffee cups. Now I can simply say “You can find it in my Amazon Store!” All my favorite things are listed there. Even my Roll Tide Fan gear! Once you get your store you can effortlessly direct shoppers to your store. Amazon is a trusted business, so many people love to shop there…and you will make a commission whenever they buy!


You ready to get started? How to Set Up Your Amazon Store, is a good place to start and then Monetize Thyself: Amazon Affiliates- Part 1, (to learn how to promote your store).  There are lots of awesome tips and educational webinars on her website.  Okay…now that I have pointed you in the direction to gather some serious coins…what are you waiting for? Get on over there and check it out. Here’s the quick link to take you right there… Monetize Thyself with Nicole Walters.

Happy Monetization!