Moving Forward

One of God's must intriguing creatures.
One of God’s must intriguing creatures.

Happy New Years Sistahs!  I’m sure we have had time to think about 2013 and all it has meant to us.  Whether it be good things or difficulties abundant, if you are reading this…you got through to a new year.  Each day as well as every new year can have great potential to thrive, grow, educate, dedicate even expand who we are into who we want to be.  The question is, are you prepared to move forward?  I read someplace a few weeks ago that the resilience of women is tremendous.  We as women are specifically equipped to forge greatness out of turmoil.  The key to doing this is remembering that we as women don’t have to do it all alone.  Who better to assist us to this greatness than our Sistahs!  Let’s work harder this new year to put aside judgements, back-biting, jealousy and foolishness.   There is no need to compete with one another.  Think how much better we will become if we learn to support our Sistahs.  Furthermore, this wave of Sistah Support positions us to obtain the balance needed to shine our bright light unto the world. ….a world in which darkness avails.  Can we do this?  Together Sistahs, we can do anything.