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Nurturing a Grateful Heart | Beverly Jones-DurrNurturing a Grateful Heart?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

By Beverly Jones-Durr

We have all been given the gift of gratitude, but some of us don’t know how powerful it can be. If you follow along with me I promise you will have a new perspective if not a stronger one of the power of gratitude. I opened my mind and heart in search of this amazing gift that God has given. It took me to my very core, a place deep inside of my heart where the seed of gratitude was planted. Yours is also planted deep inside your heart. Like any seed, it needs something to ignite it, to grow to its full potential. Now, this gratitude thing is not a task you check off of a list of things to do. It is a process. If you know anything about processes they take time. Gratitude fully activated and functional flowing from your core is challenging to achieve but not impossible. There is work to be done. Are you ready? Trust me…It’s worth it.

download40 Day Joy Challenge

By Beverly Jones-Durr

Today there is an increase of unemployment, sickness, hopelessness and despair. People are overwhelmed in so many ways…fearing that there is no longer Joy in their lives…or so it seems. I wrote this book to help the reader focus purposefully each day on finding that which brings them Joy. It is my journalized search to rediscover Joy in my life. This search will be a struggle for some, at times it was for me. However, in the end Joy is the gift we discover we never really lost at all. Joy is God’s gift to His children. By focusing not on what you want but rather what you have, you will eliminate the pathology of hopelessness in your life and clearly embrace the blessings of finding Joy in ordinary things…Weeping may endure for a night, but Joy comes in the morning. Psalms 30:5.


 Speech Crafters

By Beverly Jones-Durr

This course is intended to help you as a new speaker gain confidence by writing and presenting a variety of speeches.  These speeches will be thoroughly researched and filled with your personal creativity.  How is that done?  Glad you asked.  Let me first explain the history of public speaking.  For years people have been speaking to groups of people instructing them on a lot of subjects.  By taking an active part in this course, you will have the opportunity to develop skills and gain the self-confidence needed to be a good speaker.  Students are presented the basic elements of a speech, the introduction, the body and the conclusion.  Students will learn how to use their voices with clarity.  The use of body gestures, facial expressions as well as eye contact requires careful instruction.  You will have at your disposal speaking tips, preparation assistance, guidance in constructing the proper speech and various speaking objectives meant to increase your speaking skills  and fine tune your poise all while having fun.  Each speech will be evaluated providing feedback on presentation, delivery and construction.  Improvement suggestions will also be offered as well as acknowledgement of skills learned and performed.  Get your course manual at the link above.


 Every Child Has A Story Before Bedtime

By Beverly Jones-Durr

Children absolutely love bedtime stories.  I love writing them.  This is a selection of bedtime stories I have written for my grandchildren.  Sit back with your kids and let their imagination soar as you create memories that last forever.  These stories have been hand-picked by my grands and are among their favorites.  My sincere hope is that they will become your child’s favorites too.  Happy reading!