My Brothers are doing it too….

I am honored to share with you a different kind of story about breast cancer.  I was watching the news a few weeks ago and her a familiar voice.  As I watched the segment I learned that the man’s name was Dwight Pope.  I didn’t know it then, but I had heard this man’s voice before.  He told an empowering story about how he came to know breast cancer through the caring of his mother.  His story is below. He titled it, A Woman’s Glory.


A Woman’s Glory – Dwight Pope

It is said that a woman’s glory is her breast, but what I saw before me on that day was a broken queen, head bowed in shame—a sort of sad embarrassment. As I removed her sweater, the discomfort was painfully obvious. There was something I wasn’t supposed to see. This once proud, Independent woman who raised me from a child was in unfamiliar territory, but so was I. I was a son. The third of four boys, I had no sisters. When it came to a woman’s, needs I was totally lost.


No son grows up with thoughts of ever having to bathe his mother; the very Idea was as strange as a foreign language. But here we were in this terrible awkwardness. She didn’t have the strength to help herself and there was no one else to call. All of those years in the pews, all of the church sermons came down to this one moment—this moment in which the Spiritual Instruction became the test.


As I continued to prepare her to be cleaned, what was frightfully hidden was now exposed. She was so weak that she now struggled to move her arm to cover the gaping hole that was once her left breast. Sadness came over my spirit as I teetered back and forth between her self-respect and her needs.


In a situation like this, one quickly figures out that need trumps everything else including personal emotion. There is something in the humanity of situation that takes you to a place of responsibility. What I saw in her was helplessness, but what I felt in myself was a spirit of help. I made her as comfortable as possible and she became as trusting with me as I was with her growing up as a child all those years ago.


We don’t know our path in life, the things we will have to face or the test we will have to take. But we will all be tested according to our purpose and calling. We just have to be willing to be obedient enough to take the test. These experiences are not comfortable and we won’t always like them, but I am convinced that they show us our true selves and make us all better.


Now..Let me show you what Dwight has been doing and who he truly is….



“Men, when we affirm women, we only confirm the very best part of ourselves. Its our time to step up and stand strong for them. -Stay In the Light!!  Keep spreading the Love; they need it, we need it!” ~ Dwight Pope