My Story – I am still here!!


In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month I invited my Sistahs who are battling or have battled breast cancer to share their stories with us. These courageous Sistahs have opened their hearts and given us a glimpse into their struggle. I am honored to share one of their amazing stories with you…uncensored and real. Sistahs, all I ask is that we embrace and listen to them because their story could very well be our story. ~~Beverly Jones-Durr

Cancer! I am a good woman…a Christian women! I live right! I did people right…or at least I truly tried to. Sitting here now, I remember when I first heard the doctor say “Breast Cancer” I got extremely angry! I felt cheated. I did what I was expected to do…went to college…studied what my parents wanted me to study. I come from a family of lawyers. I could spell L-A-W when I was three years old. I got married to a lawyer…had 2 beautiful babies. We even had a damn dog. I got the car…the big house with the pool. I should have been happy…but I felt lost. It started with some itchy skin on my breast. Now…I Got CANCER! Damn! I think I cried every bit of moisture right out of my body. What about my babies…who will be there for my babies? I cried! I cried! All I could do was CRY! I slept on the sofa that night…my husband was away on a business trip. I never dream…but I dreamed that night. I dreamed I died…and all the things I wanted to do in my life spoke to me at my funeral. I wanted to paint…but never found time. I wanted to plant a garden but was always too busy. I wanted to be the mom who baked cookies and chaperoned my kids on field trips…but I had to be in court. Suddenly those excuses sounded pretty lame. I was so busy being who people wanted me to be that I didn’t make an effort to live my own life. Don’t feel sorry for me…I made really stupid choices. Why did it take a wake up call from CANCER to make me realize I wasn’t living? Lying on that sofa I decided that I would fight this Cancer…but oddly enough…I want to thank you CANCER! Bet nobody did that before. Yeah! THANK YOU CANCER for waking me up and opening my eyes to how precious life is. I still have life to live…and I plan to do it. You see, CANCER…I AM STILL HERE! You and me had serious business. I ain’t no punk…I fight hard! Now Cancer…you need to know that in case you decide to come back. But right now…I feel like baking my babies some damn cookies!



Footnote: ¬†As of this posting…more than a year later…this courageous Sistah is still a survivor!