Personal Journaling for Children




My journal is a BFF, a creativity tool, and a way of finding clarity like no other. So, as soon as my children were old enough to grip a crayon, I have been encouraging them to keep their own personal journals.  How will journaling benefit a child? Children reap the same benefits in keeping a personal journal as do adults.



At any age, there are times when life just feels fuzzy, and we know it’s time to get out our journal and write until things make a little more sense. This approach can help us sort things out and determine when we need to talk things out with someone – and what exactly our needs are. In this way, journals serve as a wonderful tool to increase self-esteem and to allow children to observe their lives from a new perspective.



Journals offer a safe place for children to express themselves. Journals also preserve memories.  They offer authentic evidence of a child’s point of view at particular and various stages of their lives. How can I help my child start journaling?






Here are some ideas:




– Above all, journaling needs to be fun for kids

– Kids also need to know their journal is absolutely private and confidential.  A child needs to be able to trust that parents, siblings, and friends will not peek in to the journal unless specifically invited to do so.


– Allow your children to choose their own journal – and maybe a unique pen. Encourage your children to personalize the journal. Give them a magazine and have them cut out words and images that describe them and create a glamorous cover that is uniquely them! A personal journal doesn’t have to be expensive.

– There is absolutely no right or wrong way to maintain a journal! This is about letting life, thoughts and dreams flow and about capturing it however your child chooses.



So, get that journal…and let the creativity begin!





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