It Is Your Time!

I am simply amazed at the difference one year has made for me….

A year ago I was building my practice and struggling to extend my reach in order to serve more people. I was frustrated because I didn’t seem to be making any progress.

Then something amazing happened.

I enrolled in a course that rocketed my confidence and adjusted my mindset COMPLETELY!

It was the one tool I needed for my tool box that verified I was on the right path. Talk about being in the right place at the right time…I was just surfing on that new live streaming App called Periscope and she just popped up!


Nicole-Walters-300x176Nicole Walters




Who is she?  I’m talking about Nicole Walters!  Google her!  Her story is amazing and her gift was a game changer for me!

I enrolled in Nicole Walters’ widely popular $1Kin1Day Academy. You’ve probably heard about it or seen it in your news feed in the last few days.

That’s because doors will be opening for registration on June 23rd to cycle #4.

You’re probably wondering, am I right for this?

$1Kin1Day Academy is designed to help business owners accomplish two things:

  1. Form a winning mindset

  2. Build multiple online income streams


  1Kin1Day Academy works best for these types of students:

  1. Students who have a business idea they’ve yet to put into action.

  2. Students who have a business idea they’ve been working on, but are having trouble monetizing.

  3. Students that have a functioning business and want to increase its growth and forward momentum.

  4. Students who have a unique skill or niche area of expertise that they wish to turn into a product.




Nicole Walters

This is what living in your purpose looks like!



I’m a proud graduate of $1Kin1Day (cycle1) and I’m excited for all the new students whose lives are about to change for the better. So, Is this YOUR time?  YES IT IS!  But you have to get on the list! Because this is invitation only, I am personally inviting you to sign-up through my affiliate link: 1Kin1Day






Just because you are my future “RichFriend”and because this is YOUR time …I am hooking you up with a 50% discount off my wildly popular Mastermind Intensive.   This session is intense and will help you make serious improvements in your life.  Just use this coupon code at checkout: WORK. I am only opening up 10 more slots…Schedule now and redeem your gift before all the slots are gone!

I am looking forward to saying “Hello” to the newest #RichFriends of Cycle #4!  Don’t miss out!  1Kin1Day fills up fast.  Registration opens in a matter of days to only those on the list…so get on the list today!


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