About Beverly Jones-Durr


I am Beverly Jones-Durr. I am an author, writing coach, dream builder, self-esteem enhancer , artist and so much more.  My boutique “The Gifted Genie” is filled with my artwork, original gifts and a variety of hand made items suitable for every taste.  Check it out and see for yourself.

www.giftedgenie.com   (VISA, MasterCard and PayPal is accepted)  Shipping is always FREE!

I am also Executive Director for Every Child Has a Story.  I believe every child has a story to tell and a dream to explore.  I enhance self esteem in children and young adults through writing, speech making and creativity.  I develop and facilitate writing workshops in which every child puts words to their ideas and dreams creating their very own story.  My online module of the writing workshop is planned to go live in March 2014.

My Every Child Has a Story Writing Workshops are unique and custom-tailored depending on the age group and number of participants in which we are working.  Through positive thinking and creative expressive methods, we inspire writers of all levels to be courageous enough to think outside of the box and express themselves on paper in ways that are beneficial, elevating, and self-motivating.

 All workshops are interactive and stimulating where students are engaged emotionally and physically. All workshops include a generous supply of necessary materials for the writers for use during the workshop and supplies to take home to continue their creative literary works afterwards.  Proceeds from purchases made from  Gifted Genie as well as donations made by wonderful supporters enable me to include 4 slots  at each work shop for children unable to pay but would benefit greatly. 

I also write individualized storybooks for that special child in your life.  The book which is leather bound and illustrated demonstrates the personality of the child, likes and dreams, uses friends and family as characters and provides a life lesson through adventure.  You will find samples on Gifted Genie website.

 If you are interested in scheduling an Every Child Has a Story Writing Workshop for your group/class, or any of the many service I offer please contact us for more details, pricing, and registration at (Beverly@beverlyjonesdurr.org)


Check out my latest book, 40 Day Joy Challenge: Finding Joy in Ordinary Things.  Look for the “My latest Book” tab on my blog.