Never Stop Moving Forward


I recently had the pleasure of speaking for the Christian Professional Women, International group….of which I am a member.  In preparing for this presentation I thought about developing slides, producing hand-outs and even demonstrating something.  Here’s the problem.  I didn’t know what any of those things were or if they were necessary.  When I decided to do the presentation it had been at God’s urging.  Yes, I said God.  For the past several months, God had been whispering in my mind…and infiltrating my dreams that I should tell my story.  Now, I am usually the one who encourages others to tell their story through creative writing, however, when God said to tell my story i started to wonder why.  Whether you actually ask the question why out loud or simply think it in your mind, God hears and answers.  I found this to be true for me when a scripture appeared in nearly ever book I read from that moment on.  That scripture was Isaiah 61:1-2.  To paraphrase…”The spirit of the lord is a upon me to preach the gospel (truth) to his children”.  What is my truth?  My truth is in my experiences…my life.  I wasn’t sure that I was competent to do that until God asked me, “who better to tell your life story than you?”  He wasn’t asking because He needed the answer, but because I needed to realize the answer.  I am the subject matter expert when it comes to my story.  God often calls those who are messed up to make His message known to everyday people…his children.  I don’t have to be a doctor, lawyer or psychologist.  I just have to tell my story.  

My life has had many ups and downs.  Sometimes the downs seemed to out-number the ups.  Iyanla Vanzant mentions in one of her many books the peaks and valleys of ones life and the importance of capturing the lesson needed while in the valley (downs) of our life.  I survived abuse, torment and pain and here I am today conveying this message.  We were not promised a road free from crooks and turns; ups and downs or turmoil.  Sometimes there will be rocks on your journey…boulders even.  No matter what happens along the journey walk upon your chosen path knowing that you are not alone.  God walks beside you and sometimes behind you…pushing you ever so slightly along the way.  The important thing here is to keep moving forward.  Your life story is being written every second of every day.  Live your life with the assurance that you might be the only bible someone ever reads.  We are like disciples writing a story that through the living of our lives we show others the promise and love of the Living God.  When I think on it I realize what a tremendous responsibility this is, but I am comforted knowing that God has proclaimed my mission and fully equipped me to successfully achieve it. My marching orders: Never Stop Moving Forward!