Great News!

childrens art

I am always amazed when the curve of the road on my life journey brings me face to face with an awesome opportunity.  It all started with an invitation to join a Facebook group, Alabama General Store.  This group is sponsored by Inspire Arts Charitable Foundation whose mission is to promote inclusion in the arts.   At Every Child Has A Story our mission is the enhance self esteem in children ages 5 and up through writing, speech making and creative arts.  It did not take me long to notice a very distinct parallel and kinship developing before my eyes!  This is that curve in the road I was referring to earlier.  It is through inclusion that our coming together is so awesome.  This is not just any group on Facebook.  The Alabama General Store is the “Premier Online Virtual Department Store” on Facebook.  Through the expert mentoring and care of Inspire Arts this group sports over 29 individual departments and has members in excess of 7500 and we are just over three months old!  Each department is filled with Artisans from across the south whose amazing works are the top of the handcrafted line!

So, you might be asking why is this great news for Every Child Has A Story?  Every Child Has A Story gets its funding from my small business, Gifted Genie.   That’s right!  100% of all proceeds from items purchased by you go to fund my organization.  Because of the marketing amazement of Inspire Arts the Gifted Genie is making increased sales…which means more funds available to support our mission and the children.  We were able to host three writing workshops this summer!  That’s right three!  Eighteen children participated and created wonderful stories and poetry.  These awesome new writers ranged in age from 5 to 14.  It was sometimes challenging but so rewarding….we want to do more and reach more children.

I am developing an online module of our writing workshop so we can reach beyond the Tennessee Valley.  I expect we will be ready to go live by first of next year!  The speech making begins next week.  We have four members so far!

How can you help?  The holiday season is coming.  Check out the Alabama General Store.  Gifted Genie has lots of items listed in the Fine Arts Department and the Books & Handcrafted Stationery Department for sale.  When it’s time to do your shopping this holiday season, please consider purchasing from the Gifted Genie.  You will be participating in the proverbial village it takes to raise a child and helping Every Child Has A Story provide self esteem enhancement to children who need it the most.  You will also be getting “Great Gifts” as well as supporting the local merchants.

Your continued patronage is greatly appreciated!

Beverly Jones-Durr – Executive Director, Every Child Has A Story