The Journey of Vulnerability

imageMost people if asked would describe being vulnerable as a form of weakness…but they would be wrong.  Yes!  Very wrong.  I sometimes wonder where in the world did we come up with some of these chains in which we bind ourselves.  There are several ways to accomplish this but the most common is by what we are told and how we allow those words to metastasize within us.  Who determines for you what you will believe?  In a perfect world…that would be you.  But, this is no perfect world.  We also equate vulnerable with the presence of fear.  Fear can actually be part of vulnerability but it need not alter your perception of who you are.

To be vulnerable simply means you have the courage to show up in the arena of life in spite of your fear.  Brene Brown in her book, Daring Greatly says we need two things when we enter the arena:  absolute clarity of values and someone to pick you up, dust you off when you get your butt kicked.  I think you also need faith.  Faith is the hook  that holds it all together.  Even though there is a chance you might fall on your behind while living your life…your faith assures you that you can get back on your feet.

If you allow the fear that lurks in the darkness to convince you that there is no light…it will stop you in your tracks.  Darkness and light exists together but never in the same place.  Shine your light into the darkness and it simply becomes insignificant.  Being vulnerable is a risk but I honestly believe it is one worth taking.  Be open to vulnerability…allow yourself to feel, grow, fall, recover and move on with a life lesson worthy of the fight.  There is NOTHING weak about vulnerability.