Activate Your Destiny


Activate Your Destiny


Life happens. Don’t stress it!  Work on happiness.  Your destiny is waiting…but you will need to maintain a balance of health both mentally and physically to make it happen.  Dream excavation and strategy building is required to achieve your destiny and that is hard work. In addition to eating healthy and exercising you will need to learn to practice wellness.  Here are some tips to get you started from A to Z.

A – Appreciate. Learn how to shift your perceptive from the negative to the positive.  Change your focus…seek out within your situations something positive as a take away. Remember, you can’t change your situations but you can change how you respond to them

B – Bake. I know it might sound crazy, but people who bake find it to be emotionally therapeutic. I don’t know if it’s the smell of the baking goods or the fact that you’re making something sweet to share with others.  I just know it works.  Just don’t be stingy and eat the treats yourself.  That isn’t a healthy choice.

C – Chill-out. Not every situation requires our attention.  My mother used to say, “Take what you can use and let the other float over your head.”  Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it truly is all small stuff when you take the time to see the big picture.

D – Dance. Join a dance class. You will find that it not only reduces stress but it is actually very entertaining.  You deserve to set aside your work and have fun.  Put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor.

E – Experience. Find a little time and take in a movie with friends…our buy tickets to the zoo.  Take a walk in the park…feed the ducks.  These experiences create memories that can’t be destroyed.  You can even reflect on those memories as a way of relieving stress. The key is to have the experiences and create the memories.

F – Flip through photos. Looking at pictures of past vacations, kid’s birthday parties, even holidays with family can give a warm and fuzzy feeling that you can recall at will when you feel stressed.

G – Grin. A smile changes not only what you perceive but also the perception of those around you.  Trust me.  You smile and eventually those around you will smile back.

H – Hike. There’s nothing like a hike to get the heart pumping.  A walk among the flowers and trees can be invigorating. Twenty minutes is all the time you need. Head to the park or even the Botanical Gardens.  Embrace your natural self.

I – Inhale. Breathing through your nose and slowly exhaling through your mouth can be very calming.  It slows the heart rate and calms the nerves. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Soon the stress will float away.

J – Journal. My favorite method for de-stressing my life is journaling.  Writing down your thoughts and feelings seem to free them from your mind and improve your clarity and focus.  If something’s bothering you…journal about it.  Don’t hold it in.  Studies have shown that simply being able to get the feelings out is greatly beneficial.

K – Kiss. A sweet kiss can de-stress anyone.  You decide whom to kiss, but a kiss from one of my sweet grandsons feels my heart with joy.  Stress can’t survive when joy shows up!

L – Light. Sitting in a dark space might seem calming but after a while it can become depressing. Light has been known to improve our mood.  So, open the curtains…let the light inside.

M – Make your bed.  I always feel better having made my bed in the morning before starting my day.  After a long busy day firing up dreams and creating strategies, I am so happy that my bed isn’t in disarray. No blankets on the floor…pillows are smooth and where they should be…it gives me peace.


N – Nap. There are very few times when I get a chance to take a nap.  Trust me, when the time presents itself a nap is like a wish granted by a magic Genie.  Fifteen minutes of rest and quiet can revive your spirit and re-energize you to continue your day. It can turn a bad day into a good day with potential to becoming a great day!

O – Orange.   The aroma of a freshly sliced Orange is heaven.  Some studies have shown a calming effect is generated from the aroma and a reduction of anxiety.  Who knew an orange was so powerful?

P – Pay the tab. Like coffee?  Next time you are in your favorite coffee shop try secretly paying for someone else’s coffee.  Paying it forward makes the giver feel great and for the receiver it might just be the one thing that makes their day.

Q – Quiet. The best place I’ve found for quiet is the library.  There’s no library close by?  Try putting down your project for a few minutes.  Sit back and close your eyes.  I have gone to the garage and sat in my car.  Wherever you can find quiet…use it.  You’ll be glad you did.

R – Relax. There is nothing more relaxing than a massage.  They don’t cost much and they pack a reward instantaneously.  Woosah!

S – Save. Most of us only talk about taking a vacation, but we simply never get around to planning one.  Decide where you want to go and start saving regularly for your trip.  Once you are on vacation you are going to be happy you took the time to plan and save.

T – Tune-in. Music is highly relaxing.  You don’t need a concert or a party.  All you need is a selection of your favorite music.   Listening to upbeat music can boost your mood and lift your spirits.  Give it try.  Sing along if you want…it’s your party.

U – Unplug. In this day in time everyone is plugged into social media, on smart phones, video chats, etc.  This might be hard to do at first but over time you will love the benefits.  Unplug!  Don’t get crazy with it.  Unplugging from too many things for too long can actually increase stress.  Baby steps are warranted here.  Don’t be afraid…the world will not stop turning if you unplug. Just do it.

V – Visit a friend.  We sometimes get so caught up in working that we don’t make time to visit friends.  Call a friend and make a date to visit and catch up.  It is a relaxing and vitalizing experience. I’m sure your friend needs a break too.

W – Wine. Have a glass of your favorite wine.  Studies show that people who have a glass or two of wine a week are less likely to be depressed.  Don’t overdo…pop that cork back in the bottle after one or two glasses.  Remember, stress is not your friend.

X – X-press yourself. Pick up a paint brush and let yourself go.  Use your creative vibes to express yourself.  This reduces exhaustion and depression.  It doesn’t matter if you end up with a canvas of splashes and streaks.  Pick your colors based upon how they make you feel.  There are many abstract paintings in museums everywhere.  You might be the next Picasso!

Y – Yoga.   All my friends who practice Yoga tell me how relaxing it is.  It’s true.  It centers your mind and strengthens your core.  It is an empowering and uplifting activity.  With benefits like that…how could you not try it?  Find a class…or watch a YouTube video like I did.  Give it a try.  Namaste!

Z – Zzzz!  Sleep is an excellent stress buster. Studies show that you are happier when you have gotten a good night sleep. Create an environment for sleeping restfully.  Remove the computers and smartphones from your sleep area.  Use soft lighting.  A cool room is perfect for peaceful sleeping so don’t pump up the heat. When you wake in the morning you’ll truly appreciate the changes.

Health and wellness are important tools to master in order to achieve your goals and have success.  Don’t get so caught up in the Dream that you neglect the Dreamer. You are important and what you have been gifted to do is equally important.  Take care of you so that you can achieve your goals and Activate Your Destiny!

Six Reasons To Use Life Coach Services

So things aren’t exactly going the way you planned, huh?  Well, it happens to more people than you might think.  I know, when you are going through your “stuff” it feels like nobody really gets it and nobody really cares.


Sometimes you are just too deep into the “stuff” to see your way out of it.  How do you know when to ask for help?  When you are stuck…need clarity…need and want a change….You Need Help!


Six Reasons to Use Life Coach Services

1. You Are Committed to Success

2. You Want Results

3. You are Ready for Action

4. You Want Clarity

5. You are Open to Mentoring & Support

6. You are Ready & Willing to Learn a Better Way


If you are ready to get down to it…there’s work to be done. Let’s do this!