My Story – I’m a Dreamer and I’m not the only one….


In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month I invited my Sistahs who are battling or have battled breast cancer to share their stories with us. I am honored to share another amazing story with you…uncensored and real. Sistahs, all I ask is that we embrace and listen to them because their story could very well be our story. ~~Beverly Jones-Durr

My name is Sara. I just got my diagnosis 6 weeks ago. I have stage III breast cancer. As if it weren’t enough to have cancer, someone further decided to not only number the stages but as with my cancer…they categorized it! I have specifically Stage III-B breast cancer. I am shaking my head…because seriously CANCER is bad enough without putting me in yet another category that could very well end me! I am a mother…a new mom with a baby boy nearly 3 months old. I look into my son’s little sweet face and I follow his eyes as he searches for me. I can’t imagine a time when those eyes will search for me and I won’t there. This nasty, hateful, despicable cancer invaded my right breast and changed all the dreams I had for me and my family. I dreamed of seeing my boy take his first steps…eat his first birthday cake…ride the school bus for the first time…play football…fall in love…have a family…make me a grandmother. Those were my dreams from the moment I met his dad. My husband is an amazing father and the best husband…but I know he is scared even though he tries hard not to show it. I know him better than he thinks. This is why I made a decision that only I can make. I chose to give up both my breast to cancer. CANCER! You can have my breasts…they are only flesh. My dreams don’t live there. My dreams are in my heart and it is beating stronger than ever. My dreams are important to me and I am not letting go of them. I am a dreamer…and I am not the only one. My son is lying beside me sleeping. His warm body nestled close to mine. He has that baby smell…like sunlight and sweet peas. I think I will close my eyes and lie here with him…wrapped securely in my dreams. I am a dreamer…and I will not be afraid of cancer. I have my dreams…the love of my family and my sweet baby boy. That’s pretty much all I need. Thank you for allowing me to write and share my story with you.

Tacoma, WA