Every Child Has A Story – Program Update


After School Program


Writing Workshop

Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 3:30 – 4:30 for 8 weeks (Closed on School holidays)

Location: To be announced (Host School Needed)

Cost: $100



Public Speaking Club

Monday and Wednesday

Time: 3:30 – 4:30 for 16 weeks (Closed on School holidays)

Location: To be announced (Host School Needed)

Dues: $125



Writing Workshop Time!



Summer Schedule (4 week Program)


Writing Workshop

Date: To Be Announced (Session One)    

To Be Announced (Session Two)

Time: 11 am – 1 pm 

Days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for

Location:  To Be Announced, Madison AL

Award Ceremony:  TBA


Fees for Summer Sessions:   Due 7 days prior to session start date.  You may pay online at www.giftedgenie.comMost credit cards accepted (No American Express)


Cost: $125.00 per child (ask me about family rate)

Workshops are specifically intended for ages 7 and up.


Workshop Goals

• Build a safe and productive writing community

• Establish Workshop rituals and rules

• Develop the understanding that writing has meaning

• Generate lots of thinking, talking and writing.

• Publish a completed story (Leather Bound Hard Copy)


Introduction of Story Plan –

PART ONEIntroduce the character and the setting. What is the mood of the character? Is she/he excited about something? What is she/he looking forward to? What has she/he planned? Is she/he bored?

PART TWO:  Character faces a problem. What is the mood of the character?

 1. Angry  

2. Upset  

3. Puzzled

4. How does she/he express the mood?


PART THREE: This is the part where the character is inactive, passive, but the character’s mind is busy with thoughts, ideas worries. She/he thinks about the current problem, why it had to happen, wonders how it will get resolved. The students are asked to set this scene in their mind.  She/he also contrasts the mood in PART ONE (excitement) and PART TWO (sorrow/ anger). This is also a time when the idea for a resolution may begin to develop in the character’s mind. Or perhaps this is the planning stage in a revenge story such as Karate Kid, where the kid trains.


PART FOUR: The Solution.

The character no longer faces the problem. As a twist, they could bring in another problem at the end.

Editing/Revising/Further developing

Hard Copy Review by Conferring

Ready For Print

Award Ceremony: Presentation of Certificate/Published Story in Hard Leather Bound Copy