This Morning…..

I Woke up this morning…..Singing…My God is so good to me……He gives me sight when I can not see. Holds me close when I’m afraid….never leaves my lonely. My God wipes my tears…”Daughter I didn’t give you the spirit of fear. You are mine and I am yours…no harm..nobody…no weapon formed against you shall prosper…for I am the light…I am the beginning and the end…the savior and conqueror. There is no other God like me…breathe in the light, breathe in the comfort..let not your heart be weary, for I am your God, and it’s already alright”…..My God is so good to me….He gave me sight when I could not see……..hmmmm…..hmmmmmmmm. My God never left my side….even when the pain was a level 9,  He held me close.  He turned His ear to my lips as I called out His name.  It may not seem right to some…you might even ask why didn’t He just stop the pain…end my suffering.  You don’t get to question what my God has for me to bear as I walk the path He has laid out before me.  It may be that I will have to fight the pain dragon again, walk through the fog of confusion…not knowing where I place my foot.  If I fall I will get up…if I stumble my balance will return…My Father never left my side and I am assured that whatever lies before me…I don’t have to do it, say it, live it or feel it all by myself.  My Father will never leave me.  My strength I draw from His presence and His word.  I will continue to sing praises to my Father…..