This Storm is Far from Over…




When will the rainbow come?  The storms of this world are causing a flood.  The stresses of this world have elevated the waters filling them with hatred, murder, injustice, lies, hypocrisy and shame.  One need only turn on the news…which it seems is really not news, to hear about the horrors of this world.  People die every day but not all from natural causes.  It is not natural for a mother to bury her child.  It is not natural for the people we hired to serve and protect to take lives of unarmed often harmless people because they have the power to do so.  It is not natural for a judicial system to ignore truth and close their eyes to evidence contrary to their decisions.  It is no natural for parents to wonder if this is the last time I will hear my child’s sweet voice…will the silence be deafening?

One might say, there has always been injustice, bias, racism but then I would respond that although there is no denying its existence you would have to be blind not to see the escalation.  Our world is one where values have become deficits, lives are expendable and money and power rules everything.  We are in a flood…much like the flood of Noah.  I can’t speak for God, nor does he need me to.  But I can speak for me.  I am a mother of sons.  I have grandchildren and I fear for them every day.  It seems that raising children to have high values, become responsible adults and present solid morals has no effect on the cruelty and hate exhibited in places like New York City, Ferguson, Albuquerque, Austin and other cities across our country.

The flood waters are rising…you can either sink and drown or stand and fight for change. Okay, this is me talking about my plans….you can decide to get a plan for you or not.  We all have free choice.  I may not write a billion posts on Facebook about politics and politicians but I do have my own opinions.  Here they are.  Our elected leaders need to step up and support ALL of us…but those who haven’t probably won’t because we don’t require them to do so.  We are the people who elected them and we do have power. Let’s just be real… if they were your employees… working at your store or company and they weren’t performing to our satisfaction…you would have fired them a long time ago.  I don’t enjoy going to the polls and casting my vote understanding that I am voting for the less of two evils.  Sometimes I have to ask myself, “where did these folks come from?” But let’s say I make my choice based upon what the politician stands for and once in office he or she pulls a switch…sound familiar?  Frustrating isn’t a strong enough word for the emotion that conjures up!

Can anybody just keep it real?  Can we call a thing a thing?  Sometimes the loudest protestor is the biggest hypocrite.  Talk is cheap!  Actions are needed.  So many people are trying to impact change but we can’t sit back as if this isn’t about us!  What are you going to do?  I have my plan.  I will continue to vote…people died so that I could exercise that right, I will call you out if I feel you are blowing smoke and being hypocritical, I will use my voice and the power of the pen  to sound the horn for action, I will support worthy causes to make improvements, I will create and participate in programs in my community that build solid foundations for our families, I will keep myself in check so as not to be tarnished by the deceptions of this world and I will stand in the light of truth…truth that says that when the flood of troubles causes the waters of our existence to rise I will stand firm in the Ark of Christ.  Yes, I am a Christian. I am responsible for my actions, my truths and my behaviors.  I am accountable.  So are we all.  Before you go running out into the flood zone…make sure you have your life jacket…Armor Up, because this battle is fierce and you will meet resistance from all sides.  Thank you God, we are not in this alone!  When will the rainbow come?  Like every storm, the rainbow appears when the storm is over.  Don’t get beat down by the storm.  Right only prevails when right takes a stand.  The flood waters are rising…you better get your plan together.  Haven’t you had enough of hate killing off innocence?  This storm is far from over…

Photo credit: Riccardo Mantero Photography