Have you ever heard the sun come out in the morning? Did you hear the moon cone out last night? No doubt there are many things we can not hear but we know it happens. You have only to look up in the dark night and see the moon glowing brightly above. You can feel the warmth of the sun shining powerfully upon us. These are very special things that take place among silence. It is true power coming through cooperation and silence that demonstrates no need for loud, forceful, aggressive and intimidating noise. It is in silence that we become attuned to the energy and forces that are unseen and unheard. Our thoughts until spoken are silent. So are our dreams until realized. In silence we nurture our dreams, develop our hopes and create our destination.

No one truly knows what thoughts you play over and over in your mind. But you do. Outwardly you may appear confident, determined and successful but it is in your silence that you evaluate every aspect of your journey to where you dream to be. There are no circumstances around you more powerful than the power within you. You are responsible for your life through consciousness. If you believe in yourself, you are assured success and a dynamic positive force that responds and produces awesome results!

Do not be afraid of silence. Fuel your inner mind with positive possibilities and you will create all that you believe to be possible. Fill you mind with positive words like faith, integrity, worth, value, accountable.

Change will happen. It won’t happen overnight…but it will happen.