VISION is what every child needs.  It’s like air for the lungs.  It feeds a child’s spirit.  VISION, which is given to each of us by our creator is a powerful thing.  It is through VISION and the nourishment of the Word that a child can become all God wants them to be, do anything, dream larger than ever and is motivated. 

I leave you with this thought.  A child needs so many things when he or she is born into this world.  They can not speak.  They can not walk…but they can learn.  Their little brains are like sponges…their senses are fine tuned and God has equipped them with VISION!   VISION requires outside stimuli to develop.  We need to learn how best to stimulate VISION in a way that coexists with God’s plan.   What would you do?

“The objectives are able to charge you with energy – when you are victorious. But the vision still has a more powerful effect than a goal. Vision brings to life the excitement, it is a reinforcement of the spirit and driving force behind all…

human achievement. When you have a vision, you feel that you are ready to move mountains, you experience the thrill of what could and should happen, and feel the future possibilities.”
Benjamin Zander
Conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Boston