We looking for the Realness!

Fake Friends/Family Member Disease. I recently listened to a youtube video from my girl Twanna Ray about Fake Friends Disease.  Apparently, family members can become infected as well.  Here are the syptoms: 1. Having more than one face 2. Pathological lying  3. Wearing a fake smile  4. Using their tongue as a sword (bible reference) 5. Carrying a back-stabbing devise that is un-seen to the human eye 6. Misery (apparently misery LOVES company)  7. Carrying a smell of sin (just get a babd vibe when they are around)   8. Has a distinct sense of your money or man and are ready to pounce as soon as you turn your back.  Okay…there maybe some truth to this because I know we have all seen the affliction in person.  My thoughts…Ain’t nothing but the devil!  What do we do when these people are in our circle of friends or our family?  Friends, at least my friends are the ride or die variety…meaning they tell me when I am tripping, they have my back even when I am wrong…but they gonna let me know that I AM WRONG!.  They tell me the truth even if it might hurt…and if it does they comfort me with sistahly love and dedication.  So, if any of my friends are stricken by this Fake disease…I am going to make a diagnosis and we gonna discuss the plan to heal my freind and shame the devil!  It’s the same with family.  If you love someone…you don’t leave them to the devil unless after breaking the news to them…they CHOOSE to hang out with the Liar anyway. If you know someone who carries this disease or symptoms…Don’t RUN THE OTHER WAY!  Be a friend…speak the truth…and shame the devil!  Hollah if ya feel me