Why Do Classes Cost So Much?




My Crew


Being Grandma to these guys  . . .




I am often shocked by the prices that are charged for kids’ classes and activities. It’s often $20-$25 per hour!
Speech Crafters Club is generally about half this amount (because I am blessed), but I still have to cover such expenses as room rentals, equipment (like our club projector and document camera), supplies, member handbooks, forms, ribbons, staffing (mostly my kids), videotaping, CRM, database entry, website management, billing, etc. People love to bash capitalists these days, but running a business isn’t cheap! The software just to send out these emails costs me $167/month!






Money is money…..


But, let’s face it. Money is money and choices have to be made where you allocate it. Fact is, pretty early on, I lost my shyness about asking for financial aid for activities and classes. My kids just couldn’t have participated in certain activities without it.
That’s a big reason why I offer financial aid through our Helping Hands Sponsorship program…Paying it forward.





“I don’t want anyone unable to participate
due to money, and many of our members take me up on this.”



If you feel that you could not otherwise participate in our club or workshops without financial assistance, we can make special arrangements for families that request it.
We only offer partial scholarships, and they are based solely on need, not merit.
Simply contact me at contact@speechcrafters.club or call 619-452-0732 and we can discuss the best arrangement.
Members/parents who receive financial assistance are expected to contribute volunteer time, on occasion. If you have any questions please contact us.






Speech Crafters Club is a program of Beverly Jones-Durr Enterprises. As Executive Director of Speech Crafters Club, Beverly facilitates the learning experience of each member helping them to develop their voice, confidence, self-esteem and abilities to become dynamis public speakers.  Beverly Jones-Durr is Vice President of Education for the Hi-Noon Toastmasters Club, and a member of  theWomen Speakers Association (WSA), International Women’s Leadership Association (IWLA), International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches and Trainers (IMPACT) and the International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC).  Beverly is also a published author whose book, Nurturing a Grateful Heart – Power of Possibilities and the interactive Journal has been selected as one of the Top 10 Inspirational Books by Aspire Magazine.