We are happy to inform you that we have several workshops for selection.

Writing Workshop is for children and young adults ages 8 and up.  Children learn how to create their own stories as well as create illustrations for them.  The result is a finished, leather bound book containing the very own stories.  The ability to create stories and develop characters is a wonderful tasks that builds self-esteem and confidence.

Public Speaking Workshop (Speech Crafters) is a intended for children and young adults ages 8 and up.  This is an informal workshop that helps develop and fine tune communication skills. Participants who learn to express thoughts to others in such a was a to be understood and heard, managing nervousness and building confidence.  A child who has mastered this particular art of communication has gained a valuable tool in developing leadership skills.

Painting Workshops are for all ages.  A selection of paintings are available to choose from.  No Experience needed at all!

Details including dates, times and costs for all of our workshops can be found under the “Events” tab.

Hope to see you in one of our workshops soon!